Zurich Airport

Tens of thousands of passengers, employees, suppliers and visitors pass through Zurich Airport every day. At the same time, it is subject to the highest security requirements. This complexity can only be mastered thanks to innovative solutions from a single source.

Zurich Airport

Systems & Products

Boarding Pass Control

eGates in the terminal provide seamless and efficient support to airport staff who control access to the security area.

Business lounge access

Maximum security, impressive convenience: access to the exclusive business lounge is clearly regulated.


With its seamless checks, dormakaba automated self-boarding system ensures additional security directly at the departure gate, offering passengers a high level of comfort.

Automatic Border Control
dormakaba automatic immigration gates
relieve border police and help detect
invalid or forged documents.
Biometrics / One ID
We increase security even further with our
ability to integrate various biometric technologies.
One-way corridors
dormakaba offers modular “one-way” barriers that are monitored by sensors and combined with quick-response door systems.

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